Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Ching Week 11 NFL Picks: Thursday Night Tim Tebow Special Edition

Lines are taken from the ESPN Pig Skin Pick ‘Em Game and my picks are in BOLD.
Last Week 9-7
Season: 80-66
Jets @ Broncos +4.5
Hexagram 47: Difficulty: Maybe there is one God that has inspired all the different world religions, because the I Ching seems to love Tim Tebow too. This hexagram is about accepting your difficulties and confinements and turning inward to find your true self. This is what Denver coach John Fox has been forced to do since turning his polarizing young quarterback this season. He has progressively changed the offense over the last month to play to Tebow’s strengths.
This change was shown in its complete conversion last week. In the first half, Tim Tebow was 0-2 passing, but the Broncos led the game on the back of his rushing touchdown. His final line was 2-8 passing for 69 (69!  And no, he wouldn’t appreciate that pun) yards and a TD plus 43 yards and another score rushing and a win from the Broncos, their 3rd in the 4 games since Tim took over.
 The Jets’ problems stem from not realizing their own limitations. Last week against the Patriots, the Jets called over 40 passing plays for Mark Sanchez while giving only 20 total carries to their running backs. And it wasn’t because they were getting blown out; the Patriots were only up by one score the whole game until a touchdown at the end of the 3rd quarter
. I think that Denver’s new attack is designed for Tebow to run defenses to exhaustion at home in the low oxygen, Mile High atmosphere. I think the Jets will continue to give Mark Sanchez chances to prove he can be a great quarterback, even if he hurts their overall fortunes in winning. And I think the Broncos defense is better than people think, and that rookie linebacker Von Miller has made the biggest impact, yes, even bigger than Tebow, in changing the fortunes of this team. With the Broncos at home and getting points, the Jets traveling cross country for a Thursday game after a draining Sunday night loss to a rival, and the fact that no one has been able to shut down Denver’s new option, running attack so far, I’ll take the Broncos and Tebow again to upset.  

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