Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lucid Dreams, the Universe and the Power of the Mind

The human mind is a powerful thing. The things that it can produce seemingly out of nothing are boundless. Every painting, song, book, poem, sculpture and all other forms of human expression were all the work of individual creative minds. Rich complex worlds of genius have been created out of nothing but the electrical pulses of a single biological organ. But it is not just our renowned artists who create whole universes out of just their own devices; we all do it every night.  
When our eyes close and we drift off to sleep, our subconscious mind takes over and we dwell in dream realities so detailed and rich that they are indecipherable to us from actual life. Everyone knows the eerie feeling of especially real feeling dreams, but science is starting to confirm this universal anecdotal evidence as well. A study by Johns Hopkins in 2008 (http://www.physorg.com/news144952452.html) showed that the brain during REM sleep, rapid eye movement, the highest dream activity of the sleep cycle, functions almost identically to the awake brain. So, like all the great artists of the past, our brains also create worlds so complete with places and characters and replete with perfect minutia and symbolism.
The main difference between us and the immortal masters is that we have no control over the heroes and monsters we bring into existence. Dreams are sometimes so vivid and make such an impression on us that it directly affects our emotional state upon awakening. After a horrific nightmare, we awake paralyzed with fear or extremely disturbed even as the details of what the dream was actually about slip from our memory.  On the other hand, a particularly good dream can set the tone for a great day. So, the subconscious mind is capable of creating an alternate dimension as convincing to the brain as reality and has the ability of profoundly impacting our emotional state. When I started learning this stuff the question for me became, how can I harness and utilize the subconscious mind and its powers?
The answer is lucid dreaming. I first heard about lucid dreaming when I saw the excellent animated film, “Waking Life.” It’s a great introduction for anyone interested in the subject. After that first mind blowing exposure, I read books on the subjects and researched it online. A few days passed with me constantly thinking of this stuff and one night I had my first lucid dream. Something in the dream made me realize I was dreaming and suddenly, I was in control of that universe I had created. Anything is possible during a lucid dream. The only limit is, of course, your imagination.
Dreaming lucidly takes practice and investment to get good at, just like anything else, but I’ve been able to reproduce this effect many, many times in the years since. I’m not saying I do it every night or even remember all but flashes on a consistent basis, but on occasions I have mastered my subconscious mind I have practiced kung fu forms I was trying to memorize against live opponents, lived through simulations of chapters from my novel I’m writing, flown around like Superman, and had dream sex with a good number of attractive woman that I’ve been friends with, known, met, or seen on the street. Ladies, if you fit into that category, there’s a chance you are in that number. Gives new meaning to the expression, “in your dreams.” Damn right in my dreams, and there’s nothing you can do about it!
For those of you still with us, there is a point to all this; anyone can do it. We all have the ability to turn our sleeping hours into productive time and adventures not possible during the day. There are several things you can do to encourage lucid dreams while awake. The first is, and I know it sounds gay, but, keep a dream journal. Keep a pen and pad handy by the bed, and when you have an especially memorable dream, jot down a few lines before it’s lost forever. The more you remember of your dreams, the more your conscious mind is connected to the subconscious mind. Also, if you develop a few simple and easy, if a bit odd, habits while awake, then you will do them in your dreams too. Ask yourself a few times a day, “Am I dreaming?” Look at text on the walls, turn your head, and then look back at it. Flick light switches on and off. Text often changes in dreams, light levels almost never do, and just the simple questioning can often make you realize you are in fact dreaming. Adding these few little quirks to your daily routine greatly improves your capacity for having and remembering lucid dreams.
Lucid dreaming gives one a great deal more control over the creative faculties of the brain, but it is still what you do while you are awake that ultimately matters. Imagination is the channel through which we bear our creations into existence. Only if we bring them out of our mind and into some form of expression can we share it with other people. Dreams and visions have inspired art and religion since civilization emerged, so the unconscious undoubtedly plays a part in the creation of art. I would go so far to say that perhaps our creative and intuitive capacity is tied to our ability to tap into the unconscious and merge it with our conscious mind.
I believe that our minds play a big part in shaping the world around us when we are awake, just as they do when we are asleep. People call it ‘good energy’ or karma or other things, but I can’t help but notice that good things usually happen to positive people and bad things keep happening to negative people. I think it’s a simple as, if you think the world is a pretty shitty place, then it probably is for you, and if you think that the universe is bursting at the seams every moment with beauty, then you will be a generally happy person.
But there is also the possibility of the power of our brains actually shaping the physical world around us. Modern physics has a pretty good grasp for how the universe works and the key players involved except for one hole, a black hole, some would say. We understand how mass and gravity works; we just don’t know what makes it work. The world and universe around us seem solid enough, but if you break everything down to the smallest particles you discover that everything is pretty much made of empty space. The theoretical Higgs-Boson particle that gives matter its mass and the theoretical gravitron particle that would enforce the force of gravity are both still just theoretical and have yet to be directly detected.
It seems we are all made of next to nothing. Not only this, but quantum theory allows that electrons and other basic foundations of what we call matter can be in two or more places at the same time and seemingly pop in and out of existence. This leads me to the conclusion that the actual substance of the universe is similar to thought, or to consciousness of the universe itself! Then, it doesn’t seem unreasonable at all that we could have some role in choosing the reality we perceive and forming the universe around us.
This is all about the power locked inside everyone of us and with it, the connection we have to the rest of the universe.  Our brains are our greatest gift from nature because they allow us to realize this tie to the infinite. The power of every one of our minds is greater than we can ever imagine. All it takes is dedication and willingness to rid our mind of the hemisphere that divides halves and unlock the unconscious. Then you will be free to realize the true limits of human potential.
Now picture this: a huge group of people worldwide all aware of this, synched to this power and working together telepathically to create a better world. It’s only impossible if you think it is.


  1. The only lucid dream i can recall having is by far the best dream I have ever had. I became aware that I was dreaming when i was in the middle of some sort of Harry Potter type of dream with magic and the like. People were chasing me and shooting "magic" or somthing at me from their hands. As soon as I became aware I was dreaming, i turned straight around and attacked my pursuers...completely destroying them almost instantly. At this time, i realized i was able to fly as well. Obviously, the next thing i did was fly around and find a beautiful woman who i then proceeded to make love to most vigorously. Best. Dream. Ever.

  2. Good evening sir Samuel. I’ve too own Waking Life & have been practicing lucid dreaming for couple of years now. Very interested in how you plan to synchronize this telepathically. I’ve thought about the same. In manifesting this I thought it could be possible through some sort of guided meditation that could ease a group of people into REM. However these individuals, beginning with a small group, would need to be highly skilled in the discipline of meditation. I’m still mastering various techniques. Normally I find it more interesting to freely observe thoughts & let them flow freely, but I think in order to accomplish what you speak of it would be necessary to master the ability to clear the mind of all thought during meditation which I find much more challenging. Any advice? If this is something you are seriously interested in attempting I know some people you should meet. We’re gathering to sink a time capsule on New Years Eve. --Sam

  3. I'm always intrested in meeting new people that are like minded and interested in changing the world, so I would love to meet them.
    I disagree though that it's neccessary for the whole group to be highly trained in meditation, it would be nice, but not essential. I think just a large group of positive people all thinking the same things and moving in a positive direction would be enough to make a difference.
    The two kinds of meditation I have studied and practiced most are Zen and Taoist. In both, clearing the mind is the first step you need to take. The object of meditation should be to discipline your mind. Just as lucid dreams give you control of your dreams, meditation should give you greater control over the random thoughts that occur all the time in our minds. Stopping these and being in control of your mind gives you far greater powers of focus and concentration. Methods for clearing the mind and many and varied, but usally counting your breaths is a good place to start. There are other techniques and methods of visualization that I tell or show you in more detail if you are interested.