Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Ching Week 16 NFL Picks: Gridiron Haikus

Lines are taken from the ESPN Pig Skin Pick ‘Em Game and my picks are in BOLD.
Last Week 11-5 *Note: Last week, I was too busy finishing my new website ( to write my column last week. I still picked the games though, as can be viewed here:
Season: 121-106
Thursday 8:20 PM EST
Texans @ Colts +5.5
Hexagram 3: Storing Up.
Houston and T.J,
Get ready for winter come,
Run to beat bad Colts.

Broncos @ Bills +3.5
Hexagram 38: Running Counter To.
Tim keeps on running,
Bandwagon behind grows,
Bet Tebow, not logic

Cardinals @ Bengals -4.5
Hexagram 37: 家人 The Family.
Home is the family,
Tigers eat hot birds to stay,
Playoff relevant.

Browns @ Ravens -13.5
Hexagram 56: The Wanderer.
The stranger comes,
Bringing close divisional game,
As Charm City sweats.

Jaguars @ Titans -7.5
Hexagram 57: The Wind.
With CJ2K,
Running in familiar form,
Wind sweeps feeble Jags.

Raiders @ Chiefs -0.5
Hexagram 43: Breakthrough.
Does anyone want.
To win the AFC West?
Raiders prove they might.

Rams @ Steelers -15.5
Hexagram 5: Great Need.
Haikus are too short,
To express how bad Rams are,
Bad bad bad bad, see?

Dolphins @ Patriots -10.5
Hexagram 30: Leaving.
Pats’ D stops none,
Reggie is running beyond,
All expectations.

Vikings @ Redskins -6.5
Hexagram 58: Cash.
‘Skins not bad with Rex,
Min bad even with AP,
DC free money.

Giants @ Jets -2.5
Hexagram 50: Massive.
Battle NYC,
But who is Frank White?
Jets’ coach looks more like Biggie.

Buccaneers @ Panthers -7.5
Hexagram 2: Darkness.
Like Charlie Murphy,
Rick James would say to Buccos,
“Darkness is coming.”

Saturday 4:05 PM EST
Chargers @  Lions -2.5
Hexagram 43: Taking Care.
Lions need win at home,
Keep playoff dreams alive vs.,
Inconsistent Bolts.

Saturday 4:15 PM EST
Eagles @ Cowboys -2.5
Hexagram 17: As You Like.
Eagles not quite dead,
After two Vick swag led wins,
Romo winter woes.

49ers @ Seahawks +2.5
Hexagram 28: 大过 Big Things.
Call it fate,
‘Hawk were final jeopardy question last night,
Who is Seattle?

Sunday 8:20 PM EST
Bears @ Packers -12.5
Hexagram 44: Copulation.
Rogers gets revenge,
Makes up for blemish last week,
Vs. depleted rival.

Monday 8:30 PM EST
Falcons @ Saints -6.5
Hexagram 27: Peace.
Saints attack the best,
Even more so in the Super Dome,
Don’t expect this to change.

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