Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Ching Wild Card Picks: Steelers @ Broncos +9

Steelers @ Broncos +9
Hexagram 46: Raising Upward
I like the Broncos today, and it has very little to do with Tim Tebow. Three out of the four Steeler losses have come away from Heinz field. They have won only one game all year on the road by enough points to cover this spread.  Pittsburgh has averaged just a shade over 14 points a game over their last four, breaking 20 points just once in this span in their 27-0 win over the Rams. Whether Ben Roethlisberger has been playing hurt or taking a break on the sideline, points have been difficult to come by lately for the black and yellow. After losing star tailback and conversationalist Rashard Mendenhall for the rest of the season, things will get more difficult, not easier for the Steelers in the playoffs.
The Broncos defense has been up and down all year, but they have the pass rushers in rookie Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil (21 combined sacks) to make Big Ben’s day hellish on one bad wheel anyway. And I think Broncos coach John Fox will find a game plan to give his team the advantage. Fox deserves the Coach of the Year award for the job he has done this year in getting the Broncos this far. Their aggressive defense and physically punishing, if brutal to watch, offense both are effective at fatiguing teams not accustomed to playing in the mile high air. After the run of Kyle Orton ended unceremoniously and only a high draft pick seemed to be in Denver’s immediate future, Fox scrapped his offense and decided to go with an unconventional attack that benefitted both his unique home field advantage and limited, if intriguing, young quarterback.
So, ok, it’s a little about Tim Tebow. It’s hard to argue that something a little special hasn’t happened with him this year. I do think the spiritual side is important to a person and that his conviction and personality give him a kind of magnetism that gives him a supreme confidence and allows his team to trust and believe in his him despite what the box score says. I think several things are going in the Broncos way heading into this afternoon’s game and that there will still be yet at least one more chapter in the Legend of Tebow to be written.


  1. You only speak of the Steelers recent troubles and not the Broncos because the Broncos are who you picked. Tebow has had a 41% completion percentage during thier 3 game losing streak and the most turnovers by a quarterback in that span as well. It won't get any easier for him against the number one defense in the league so I wouldnt overlook all those facts just because the game isnt in the burgh

  2. I agree with you and I think Tebow and crew will have trouble scoring enough points to actually win the game. I think the Broncos might play well enough to have a chance, but the Steelers being spotted by 9 on the road is way too much. Gambling wise, I think it's a slam dunk.