Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Night Pick: Bears @ Cowboys-3.5

Well, it's been a rough week. Going 5-10 hurts especially considering five of those teams that I picked won their game, but narrowly missed covering the spreads. On such a week, it would make too much sense for the team I loathe more than any other, the Dallas Cowboys, to have a great game. I think the Chicago offense will struggle against the Dallas defense, and Tony Romo to be the better quarterback although the Bears defense is very good too. Im predicting that he makes some of his patented amazingly improbable big plays en route to a big home win for Jerry's Boys.So, I'm taking the silver lining in the shit cloud, and resting confidently tonight with the knowledge that the Redskins already won, I still believe I have a pretty good feel for most of these teams, and either the Cowboys will lose or I will get my pick right. Unless they win by three or less of course.

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