Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Ching Pro Football Picks: The Andy Reid Bowl

Chiefs +3.5 @ Eagles

Hexagram 16: Enthusiasm

Had you walked into a Philadelphia restaurant during the previous decade and asked for "The Andy Reid Bowl" my guess is that you would've received the beef and cheese of three Philly cheesesteaks debunned and served in receptacle made of pretzel dough. If you ask for the "The Andy Reid Bowl" today in Kansas City, you would probably get back a small bathtub stuffed with molasses drenched barbecue with maybe a little coleslaw and bacon mixed in. The Andy Reid Bowl that we are concerned with though is the Great Walrus's return to his old stomping (or whatever the equivalent for stomping is for a walrus; splashing?) grounds to face the only other team he ever coached.

Reid has brought a new attitude and enthusiasm to the Chiefs. Through sending six players to the Pro Bowl last year, they were maybe the best team ever to go 2-14. All the talent the roster showcased could not however overcome the rudderless leadership provided by an incompetent combo at coach and quarterback. With the demons of Romeo and his Cassel now banished, the KC has gotten off to an 2-0 start by not turning the ball over and relying on their defense and, in very unReid like fashion, a strong running game.

There is also considerable enthusiasm over Andy Reid's replacement in Philadelphia, although it's a bit more muted after the Eagles shockingly lost their home opener to the underdog Chargers. Chip Kelly and the Vick/McCoy led offense will continue to excite, but I don't like their chances against the former boss. The Eagles' defense is the big issue, and if Phillip Rivers could pick them apart at will, then I think Andy Reid will have a plan on offense to both put up points and keep the no huddle blur on the sideline. Both new coaches have their fan bases anticipating much brighter days close on the horizon, but the superior Chiefs defense and the extra motivation for Reid to best his old employers leads me to think Kansas City will be the victor in the first Andy Reid Bowl. The first one that can't be eaten, anyway.

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