Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Night Pick: Little Giants

Giants @ Bears -7.5

Hexagram 12: Standstill

This Giants team is not going anywhere. I have persisted in thinking that they would eventually get it together, to my picks' great detriment, based on the thinking that they showed they still had the potential for explosive offense Week 1, they do this almost every year, they couldn't keep turning the ball over that much and the defense had to be a little better than they looked early on. However, I'm now ready to conclude that this Giant team is not going to turn it around. They can't block anyone, had zero semblance of a running game before they lost David Wilson for several weeks due to injury, rank in the bottom ten in passing and rushing defense and have given up at least 31 points in every game. Their four turnovers per game over the first five by far outpaces the rest of the league in this ignominious category. The Bears have shortcomings of their own, but should get a confidence boost at home out of this one. If they can establish Matt Forte and the ground game while also bringing constant pressure in the face of Eli Manning, that should be enough to get Chicago a win. Given the G-Men's early returns, there should be little trouble in accomplishing these goals.

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